Core Organizational Values

 The Institute shall uphold the following principles as cardinal in the conduct of all of its activities:

IRDG will

Transparency & Integrity

operate in a nonpolitical manner and its achievements will be based on transparency, accountability and integrity in its actions and performance


exhibit professionalism in its conduct


act with a sense of responsibility and be accountable to its stakeholders

Inventiveness & Exploration

have an open mind and enable and promote diverse and innovative views and ideas in the execution of its services

Commitment & efficiency

set as its value and performance goals at the highest level of efficiency, commitment, professionalism and competency

Team Spirit

will actively promote a team spirit in all its work

Equity in Service Provision

be an equal opportunity institution and its services will be built on the foundations of social justice and equality and by giving special consideration to women and the vulnerable

 Fee for Service

A fee for services may be charged to fund the institute’s operations.