Volunteering for IRDG

irdg-logo-miniInstitute of Regional Development and Governance (IRDG) of the North-East of Sri Lanka is an outcome of collaboration by A Diverse Group of Stakeholders. Mr Sivagurunathan Rangarajah and Naga Narendran jointly initiated its formation and were able to engage several like minded professionals to enrich its capacity to be able to provide much needed institutional support for the post war recovery of Northern and Eastern provinces of Sri Lanka.

Human capacity needed at individual, family and institutional levels are lacking to address the processes of transition and restore conditions for sustainable development. It is the intention of the Sponsors of this initiative to provide infrastructure to harness the necessary resources needed for individual and institutional capacity building. Untapped Diaspora professional and entrepreneurial resources will be a focus area as enablers of institutional capacity development.

The Institute of Regional Development and Governance (IRDG) will enable participation, partnership and collaboration of its stakeholders to address the multi-dimensional challenges faced by the people of the North-East in the current environment.

At this initial stage IRDG will focus on the Northern province and as it progresses with models and road tested programs it will roll them out to the Eastern Province. We firmly believe that IRDG is a common property and will enable and facilitate more like minded professionals to make their contribution to its objectives. The task ahead of IRDG is mammoth and require as many people as possible to participate and assist.



All nationalities are welcome, however, Tamil speaking people will be able to have greater immediate impact in building local capacity of the people.

We are currently on a campaign to enlist professionals who could assist in the progress of IRDG and welcome volunteers who could be physically present in the Northern and Eastern provinces or provide online support to our staff and directors.

The following are priority areas of need that require early engagement: -

  • Gender issues
  • Project Management and project documentation
  • Mechanical and Civil Engineering
  • Economic Development Studies
  • Agricultural technologies and services
  • Branding, supply chain and value chain
  • Product and processing quality and standards
  • Business management
  • Financial analysis, financial modelling and accounting & reporting
  • Management Consultancy

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