Our Agenda


Institute of Regional Development and Governance (IRDG)


IRDG will address institutional capacity needs of the public and private sectors to enable effective participation of the local community in reconciliation, devolution and regional development. It will:

focus on

  • rebuilding public governance institutions and processes, to resuscitate and reinvigorate by restoring technical and operational efficiency, bringing new & best practice ideas, experiences and professionalism
  • building ties across lines of diverse stakeholders to provide unity of purpose needed for a well-planned economic recovery and development with equity
  • collective pursuit of the goals of prosperity and development by assisting in technical fields such as economic analysis, governance and management
  • assist in helping achieve the Millennium Development Goals including the creation of livelihoods and employment

enable transfer of knowledge through

  • expatriate professionals using digital technology and virtual office systems from overseas and by their physical presence (in a limited number) in the North-East of Sri Lanka
  • co-opting and collaborating with higher educational institutions, encouraging postgraduate students involvement in sustainable knowledge transfer
  • Collaborating with the bilateral and multilateral donor community and GOSL
  • Collaborating with likeminded academic institutions
  • Providing direct assistance to institutions in the North-East at its request
  • Creating a center of expertise with diverse views and knowledge repository for key sectors

objectives of the Institute are

  • serve as a conduit for implementation and knowledge transfer from the Diaspora community and provide opportunity for them to play a role in the post war recovery
  • facilitate communications between local and international institutions international community, diaspora and GOSL on technical matters relating to post war recovery issues
  • assist local institutions to prepare for the challenges of post war recovery by helping develop governance and development capacity and capability.
  • serve as Information Resource Centre to provide analysis for fact based research, information and knowledge pertaining to social, economic and governance issues.
  • promote model development interventions, programmes and planning culture for sustainable development and wellbeing of the community in the region
  • carryout advocacy
    • for continuous innovation, changes in society and governance culture to enable all stakeholders to effectively play their roles and for the communities to enjoy development benefits without discrimination
    • for a holistic approach in the delivery of services by institutions and intermediaries of development and governance
    • to achieve liberal and democratic values and in defense of disadvantaged and minority groups