Over the past 30 years all aspects of life in the North and East of Sri Lanka has been affected by war. Typical post war symptoms are evident across Sri Lanka, but particularly in the North East provinces.

A considerable percentage of the population of the North and the East of Sri Lanka have been resettled in the recent past. Basic conditions necessary to address recovery, rehabilitation, reconciliation and development in a sustainable manner are seriously deficient and require immediate attention.

Human capacity needed at individual, family and institutional levels are lacking to address the processes of transition and restore conditions for sustainable development. It is the intention of the Sponsors of this initiative to provide infrastructure to harness the necessary resources needed for individual and institutional capacity building. Untapped Diaspora professional and entrepreneurial resources will be a focus area as enablers of institutional capacity and development.

The Institute of Regional Development and Governance (IRDG) will enable participation, partnership and collaboration of its stakeholders to address the multi-dimensional challenges faced by the people of the North-East in the current environment.

IRDG will operate as a knowledge forum, a “back office” and a "platform" to enable and empower key public institutions, leadership, overseas investors with data, information and analysis. At their request, IRDG will provide fact based support, engage in advocacy and provide ground level business development related services to harness the efforts of diverse stakeholders of regional development.

Re-vitalising and creating value adding micro enterprises at the village level and linking them to national and international markets is considered most important at the current stage of recovery of the war affected regions. Meaningful success in creating sustainable and commercially viable livelihood at the local and rural level will directly assist in community restoration and reconciliation.

Vision Statement

“An informed society with sustainable capacity for good governance and development”


Mission Statement

“Strengthening the Governance and Development Capacities of key stakeholders”