IRDG announcing change of directors and management

IRDG announcing change of directors and management

IRDG announcing change of directors and management

IRDG was started in Nov 2015 to provide much needed skill and capacity in the area of sustainable livelihood development in the war affected areas. Substantial professional involvement and support was provided by numerous overseas professionals over the past four years.

The directors have decided to enlist local professionals with good track record in humanitarian and rural development work and entrust them with the responsibilities of steering IRDG into next stage of growth. Operations director Narendran said “we always wanted IRDG to be locally managed and seek overseas volunteer professional assistance and the time has come for me to moce on and pave the way for the capable locals to take it over and operate. That will complete the objective of creating a sustainable local institution for development of the rural areas”.

The directors Mr Rangarajah has become indisposed and M/s Perumalpillai-Essex has expressed her wish to resign from the directorship.

IRDG wishes all the very best to one of our founding director Mr Rangarajah all the very best with his struggle with illness and M/s Essex in all her new endeavours.

The other founding director Mr Narendran has agreed to stay on the board as a non- executive director and Mr Jeyavarman will become an executive director.

Following an annual general and board meeting the new panel of directors were confirmed.

IRDG is pleased to announce the incoming new board of directors are as follows:

Our Directors

Nisanth Rajah