"Team IRDG" visits Organic Agriculture Research Center at Makandura

"Team IRDG" visits Organic Agriculture Research Center at Makandura

“Team IRDG” visits Organic Agriculture Research Center at Makandura

IRDGs Director of the Center for Agribusiness Development (CABD) Pathmashankar organised a study tour to the Makandura Organic Agricultural Research and Development Center for the IRDG team members.

As CABD is entering the organic revolution and is now starting with compost making. The tour provided an awareness of hands on compost making and for the team members to gain a very good understanding of all aspects of compost making.

Project Director Pathmashankar said "this study tour helped to validate the project concept that we have developed and we could now start our project immediately".

The tour was funded by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka Northern Regional Office and a few members from the Agriculture department of the Northern Province also joined the team on the tour.

The IRDG team was very enthusiastic that we are entering a new journey that would be very significant for the province as there is an urgent need for the province to adopt organic cultivation. The soil, water and health of the people are being affected badly due to indiscriminate use of chemical fertiliser.

It was a first time for some of the members of the IRDG team venturing out on a 6 hour journey to Negambo and starting at 3.45am was also a challenge.

However such was the enthusiasm all were on time for the bus.





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