IRDG Opens Office in Kilinochchi to commence its project implementation phase

IRDG Opens Office in Kilinochchi to commence its project implementation phase

IRDG Opens Office in Kilinochchi to commence its project implementation phase

IRDGs Kilinochchi Office has now been setup to commence its Project Implementation.
Naga Narendran Director IRDG said "first step of our implementation phase is to assess the capacity of the local NGOs and CBOs.

It is a pleasant surprise to see the high level of local awareness of the issues and challenges in creating sustainable livelihood and the reasons for the slow progress and failures of livelihood initiatives of the recent past.

There is lack of "hope" among locals, in general, but it would not take much to instill some hope and confidence to the local population. Several diaspora organisations, donor community and the government have supported and created several models and success stories. We need to showcase, learn from and replicate them in a rapid manner.

The principal challenge appear to be the lack of empathy with the local issues and challenges by those designing solutions and most of the mainstream livelihood initiatives are developed elsewhere, have not involved the locals and have been the reasons for their failure.

There were steady stream of local CBOs and NGOs engaging and discussing with IRDG about their expectations and frustrations regarding post war recovery in the recent past. They are looking to IRDG for capacity enhancement support



L to R

Sundaram Divakalala CEO of "Aaruthal" Former Secretary to The Ministry of Education North East Provincial Council

Naga Narendran Director IRDG

MsPramila Jegadeesan HR Coach/Mentor/ Facilitator Chennai. Consultant "Otthulaippu"

Seelan Jeyaseelan of "Thiran" CEO Friends of Youth Organisation

At IRDG's Kilinochchi IRDG office


Weaning out of the "hand out seeking culture" that has been created by various charitable organisations, even though well intended, has left serious challenges among the war affected communities.


It is very obvious that there is a long and rough road ahead and IRDG will need all the help it could muster.


img_3011img_3009Kalmadu Village in Kilinochchi is one of the most backward but has many committed people very eager to engage and develop their village.

They need targeted support in areas such as technical and managerial knowledge and marketing support.

Naga Narendran

Naga Narendran ACMA, CPA, CGMA A Management Consultant with over 40 years of experience in Finance and large scale Business Project Management gained mainly in Australia and has served in senior executive positions in top tear corporations including IBM.

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