Comprehensive Master Plan for Agriculture crop sector Development in Northern Region

Revival of agricultural economy and placing it on a firm footing is strategically important for the development and prosperity of Northern Province. This transformation could be achieved effectively by adopting a strategy that takes account of the available resources the Province possesses. The Province is endowed with good land, water, climate and human resources. Their appropriate alignment and linkages with modern technology, market assistance and infrastructure development will be fundamental in any agricultural development strategy.

Reconstruction and rehabilitation processes should, however, precede any development program in the North. Since the community there is essentially emerging from war destruction, their problems and needs have their own characteristics. In view of this double cap situation, they would need to be taken through a rapid recovery process that will enable the Province to catch up with levels of national standard quickly. The agriculture sector, which encompasses crop, livestock, fisheries and associated processing industries, is pivotal for the development of the Provincial. It also has the ability to provide a broader platform for the development of medium sized industries.

Naga Narendran

Naga Narendran ACMA, CPA, CGMA A Management Consultant with over 40 years of experience in Finance and large scale Business Project Management gained mainly in Australia and has served in senior executive positions in top tear corporations including IBM.

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