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Hans Sidler, an international consumer goods retailing professional joins IRDG

Hans Sidler, a Senior Retail Professional, a senior supply chain strategic management consultant, a well respected professional recognised by Australian and multinational consumer goods manufacturing corporations and suppliers, has accepted the invitation of IRDG to join, mentor and support its international marketing efforts. 
Hans sees a lot of prospects for IRDG's/ Sri Lanks's efforts to market appropriate products to the mainstream western markets. He will walk through with IRDG on its difficult journey, but will also operate as an independent retail professional consultant for some of the largest retail corporations in Australia.   
Hans served over 20 years of his career with Woolworths Australia, in Buying/Merchandising as General Manager of National Food Buying, responsible for the Strategic development of the Woolworths' (Australia) Buying/Merchandising Operations. Woolworths Ltd has a current turnover of over AUD 59 billion and over 200,000 employees.

Hans has amassed a wealth of experience negotiating major Contracts and Trading arrangements with Executive Management of many Companies in Australia and has been working as a Business Consultant to various Manufacturers/Traders in Product development, product distribution and trading terms including major Australian Retailers.
IRDG looks forward for Han's help to go on to its future phases of project development and marketing globally.

Tissa Jayatilaka joins IRDG

Tissa Jayatilaka has accepted the invitation of the directors of IRDG to join IRDG as one of its promoters. He has Masters in Public Administration from Wake Forest University, North Carolina, Master of Arts in English from Smith College, Massachusetts and a Post-graduate Diploma in American Studies. He is presently the Executive Director of the Sri Lanka Fulbright Commission. Jayatilaka is the author of publications, as well as involved in translations, editing of journals, collections of essays.

Established in 1952,  the United States- Sri Lanka Fulbright Commission ( US-SLFC) administers the binational mutual education exchange programme between the two countries. Senator J. William Fulbright founded the Fulbright programme in 1946. Hence the US-SLFC is one of the oldest such Commissions in the world. The goal of the Fulbright programme is the promotion of mutual understanding between the United States and its partner countries. To date over 1000 Sri Lankan and American scholars have studied and taught in each other's countries at post-graduate and post- doctoral levels. The US -SLFC is an autonomous binational commission  which receives financial and administrative support and guidance from both countries but acts as the agency of neither. It has a binational board made up of 3 Sri Lankans ( Emeritus Prof.Savitri Goonesekere, former Vice Chancellor and Professor of Law,  Mr.Nihal Fonseka, Member, the Monetary Board of Sri Lanka and Mr.Charitha Ratwatte, Senior Adviser to the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka) and 3 Americans( Mr.James Russo, Counsellor for Public Affairs, US Mission to Sri Lanka, Ms.Sally Sternal, Chief Consul, US Mission to Sri Lanka and Mrs. Jennifer Moragoda) . The US Chief of Mission, the Hon. Athul Keshap serves as the Hony. Chairman of the US-SLFC Board.
Please look up Fullbright Sri Lanka website for further information.


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IRDG wish to thank you for your messages to the Directors and the Institute

The Directors of the IRDG wish to thank all those who have responded so far with wishes, positive comments and suggestions.

It is becoming obvious that there are widespread expectations and eagerness from concerned people for recovery and development of the war affected north and east provinces of Sri Lanka.

Whilst we welcome all the suggestions received, this institute is only one of many partners in recovery and development.

Immediate focus of IRDG is limited to post war community restoration, particularly the female headed households and other vulnerable people. In order to address this, IRDG plans to embark on creating sustainable livelihood, by developing micro businesses in the regions and linking them to the mainstream value chain thereby targeting much needed rural jobs.


UNDP Country Team met up with IRDG to discuss their current programs




Rajendrakumar Ganesarajah, Assistant Country Director, Governance for Empowerment and Social Inclusion of the UNDP and his country team outlined their current programs to IRDG.  The teams engaged in discussions to find out IRDGs view of priorities and challenges faced in implementing UNDP's programs.  The role that IRDG could play as a civil society actor to enrich the effectiveness of the UNDP program was a key discussion point that will be ongoing.

The World bank officers met up with the directors of the IRDG

A team of The World bank officers met up with the directors of the IRDG, as a part of their visit to Jaffna to obtain local views of decentralisation and local government, on Friday the 22 nd July 2016 at the US Hotel Jaffna.

Mr S Rangarajah CEO of IRDG together with other Directors Naga Narendran and Jeeva Perumalpillai-Essex emphasized IRDGs view of the urgent need to create a conducive environment for rural employment and economic development. They also outlined the need for effective support structures that would assist the creation of commercially viable rural micro and small businesses and the need to facilitate a bottom up supply chain infrastructure that would enable linkage to the main stream value chain for rural products. 

Aspects of the local government's scope of services that need to become enablers of such business development, formed the core of IRDG proposal. A concept proposal for rural job creation and economic development will be published by the IRDG in the near future to provide a local view to policy planners and donor agencies. 


Professor Dr Kanesh K Rajah visits IRDG

The Chair in Entrepreneurship and Innovation of the Royal Agricultural University and the former Dean of the School of Business and Entrepreneurship made a presentation to the Institute of Engineers, Sri Lanka and the Jaffna Managers Forum (JMF) focusing on the Northern Province of Sri Lanka. Professor Rajah delivered the timely message of the need to rethink and be relevant in the global context in designing regional development plans. 



Professor Dr. A. Atputharajah current Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, University of Jaffna and Professor K Rajah visited IRDG and engaged in discussions about the scope of  the "University Private Link" and the potential for IRDG to participate and collaborate with it during its formation. 



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